Nathan Johnson just sort of looks smart, doesn’t he? He’s got those glasses, those intelligent eyes, and that white striped shirt (see video box above). And, in this case, looks are NOT deceiving. The guy genuinely is super-smart. But it is not his smarts that I appreciate most. It’s his passion. Nathan lives life from his core. When he laughs, he laughs big. When he speaks about Jesus Christ, he speaks with epic fervor. When he lives, he can’t help but live life with gusto.

Nathan has the loudest laugh on campus, and, I believe it can be proven, that he generates more smiles per sentence spoken than anyone else in northern Colorado. He also has more Jesus love and joy shooting out of his pores than almost anyone I know on earth. And that is why I want you all to know him. He’s a rare sort of man.

-Eric Ludy