I figured it was about time I got Nathan Johnson into the studio and stuck him behind the camera. Nathan is a key character in my life. And December 29th (today) just happens to be his birthday.

So, I came up with an excuse to get him in the studio and talking. My plan: I wanted to remember and reminisce what took place this past year at Bravehearted Christian, and I wanted Mr. Nathan Johnson to be “the expert,” do all the remembering, and allow me to do the color-commentating. It’s pretty funny how that plan turned out (watch the video above).

I wish this world had more Nathan Johnsons in it. Men that laugh with a deep well of Kingdom laughter, that seek Jesus with the seriousness of eternity stamped upon their eyeballs, and that are willing to suffer and die that the Gospel might be heard the world over. Nathan, you are the sort of man that hearkens back to the old-fashioned sort of saint that believed big, lived strong, prayed long, studied hard, loved well, and laughed often. It sure is a privilege to serve alongside you in this battle, dear friend.

Excited to see what God is going to do in the year 2018!

-Eric Ludy