In my job, I get the privilege of asking forgiveness a lot. And here is another one of those golden opportunities. 

This particular apology (or should I say, apologies?) has to do with, what our team fondly refers to as “some (ahem) hiccups.” And all these (ahem) "hiccups” stem back to me. Ouch. And that is why I’m apologizing today. As a leader, you either learn to own your mistakes or you attempt to blame them on others. The second of those two options is much easier, but honestly, I’d prefer to be the sort of leader that handles his mistakes like a champion instead of as a chump. So, here we go. It’s time for me to own a few things and let you listen in (watch the video above).

I’ve never heard anyone describe apologizing as fun, nor have I ever heard someone being apologized to describe the experience as fun. But, though the word “fun” may not be the operative word for today’s bonus blog video, there is something very important and right about apologizing that reminds us all that we are not the saviors of the world, but that we desperately need the true Savior of the World to do His saving work. 

I hope and pray that you receive this apology as sincere. Because it is! 

Thanking our Precious Lord for His abundant grace,

-Eric Ludy

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