We’ve had a lot of people intrigued to hear an update on how our very first week of our brand-new 100-day training went. After all, if the students (in this new model) are going to be coming to the Ellerslie campus for only one week instead of twelve weeks, that one week better be really good. And, it was. In fact, I think the description of “really good” falls a bit flat in its ability to describe it. It was deeply moving, profoundly impacting, and wholly life-altering. I think, even those of us that approached it with high expectations, were dumbfounded in what happened this past week and I think we are still laboring to find the appropriate superlatives with which to describe it.

Our prayer as a staff was that God would take our fishes and loaves and multiply their effect. We specifically asked God to cause the impact of one week on our campus to equal that of twelve. And now, as we sit stunned afresh by His majesty and attempt to grasp what just took place on this campus, we realize that each one of us (as a staff), that dedicated our little fishes, our little loaves, and our little meager offerings to our Master – is leaving stronger, with a full basket of God’s bountiful grace in tow.

One of the greatest blessings of twelve weeks on campus for us as a staff has always been the relationship intimacy gained with the students. And last night, as we stood around on Leslie’s and my back porch with all the students, I realized that even in that area God supplied supernaturally. There was a bond in this one week between our staff and these precious students that was eternal.

Excuse a little “insider” reminiscing . . .
I remember, Jessica pulling a “Jessica,” Nick kicking his coffee, Brad being so blown away that his hair just disappeared, Jacob’s wrestling stance, Michael and Edgar’s matching lumberjack outfits, Arnie being the “Belly button of the Body,” Sandi making “Friday Chicken,” Brandon pulling off the impossible, Christiana taking pictures, Sophie speaking with her really cool accent, Philip having a bevy of announcements, and Nathan making the lunches. Don’t you wish you’d been there for all those notable moments? The memories are plentiful – each one bringing a smile to my soul.

The depths of beauty that God can draw out in one singular week is quite profound. And I offer up my most heartfelt praises to the One who did all the work and made it all come together! Thank you Jesus!

For His Kingdom and His glory,

Eric Ludy