I love being a daddy. I’ve learned far more from being a daddy than probably any other life responsibility, multiplied by ten. For those of you who have never been a daddy, it’s not all coos, pinched cheeks, and butterfly kisses. There are a lot of moments in the grand daddy adventure that try the depths of the soul. However, that said, daddy-hood is a truly satisfying occupation. There is no amount of money, comfort, promise of fame, or position of power that could possibly get me to trade out my daddy-hood. In my six kiddos, I have wealth untold, pleasures immeasurable, and smiles that never run dry.

Five, almost six years ago, something happened in the land of Haiti that would forever alter my life and my daddy-hood. Two little munchkins came into the world. These two vulnerable, daddy-less kiddos were in need of something. And it was something that I, as a daddy, was uniquely able to supply.

Leslie received an email that simply asked us if we would consider becoming a mommy and a daddy to these two unnamed little babies. Our answer of yes, was a yes to far more than two children. It was a yes to a 29 month process of legal, practical, financial, emotional, psychological, and spiritual travail. It was a process that led to sleepless nights, weeks without appetite, incredible stress levels, and many, MANY hours of Gethsemanic prayer. It was a process that no one in their right mind would ever choose to go through if they knew ahead of time what awaited. And yet, let me tell you what Eric Ludy as a daddy says about those 29 months.

Are you ready for this?

Those 29 months were worth it!

In Columbia, during the most extreme persecutions, the Christians would greet each other on the streets whispering one Christian to the other Christian a simple phrase: “Vale la pena!” Translated, this means, “It’s worth the pain.”

Well, the daddy writing this particular blog entry is going to whisper the same thing to all of you. Vale la pena!

To do the work of Jesus in this world means to accept inconvenience, allow interruption, receive difficulties, and say yes to earthly sufferings. That’s what daddy’s get when they learn to be daddy’s like the Heavenly Daddy.

Legal, practical, financial, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trials await us when we stand up for these little miniature marvels, known as vulnerable children. But, in the midst of all those trials, there is a Daddy in Heaven that will carry us through, making our hearts beat with His love, and causing our hands to receive the nails with His joy.

Daddy-work is hard work. But, oh, how amazingly blessed of a work it is!

Eric Ludy