Many times over the years we have put graduates from our discipleship training program behind a camera and asked them fun and interesting questions. As a result, we have a lot of great interview footage that we have collected over the years, but, often, this footage just sits on our servers taking up space. So, the other day, I commissioned Josh Kinabrew (our film director) to make use of some of this footage and grab a few of these interviews so that we can throw them out to you via this blog. And, who knows, if you are alumni, maybe you will be in this video compilation. Wouldn’t that be fun?

NOTE: Our next training is filling up fast with 37 students registering in this past week alone. If you are interested in coming out to Windsor, Colorado for a stint, our next training starts on September 22. We’d love to have you!

Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

-Eric Ludy