Lately, we have had a rash of Ellerslie alumni swing through town. NOTE: I’m not sure the alumni that have stopped by would appreciate me using the word “rash” in describing their visit, but, please know (all you beloved students) that I’m using the word “rash” in the most affectionate way (uh, like a rash of giggles or a rash of … um … er … warm fuzzies).

One of the leading causes of this recent alumni swarm was Nathan Johnson’s first annual Israel Adventure. Nathan is one of Ellerslie’s beloved Bible teachers and he built the ultimate Holy Lands tour (with all bold bravehearted moxie intact) and so a host of alumni emerged onto our campus grounds on Monday of this week preparing to head out on the adventure of their life. But, in addition to these Israel-bound alumni, it’s been a blessing to see many other alumni swing by for a visit in these past couple months.

With all of these alumni lingering in our midst, it only seems right to do a blog that includes some of our alumni. And not just one blog, but two. NOTE: If you missed last week’s blog, well, then you need to get caught up, because this blog is the part two.

We shared a video last week that asked our alumni the question: How did your spiritual life change after attending Ellerslie? (Watch last week’s video.)

In this week’s video we asked our alumni the question: What would you say to someone who was considering attending an upcoming semester?

I am a strong believer that it is not my job to coerce people to come to Ellerslie for a semester of training. I leave that to God. I don’t meddle in love stories and I don’t meddle in these sorts of decisions either. After all, if God wanted everyone to come to Windsor, Colorado for our training, then we would have serious space issues to deal with. But, that said, I’m convinced that He has hand-selected the perfect number of students to participate. I’m not sure if you are one of these hand-selected students, but I would love for you to pray and ask God if Ellerslie’s training just might be the match for you.

And just think, in the years to come you could visit our campus as an alumnus and after you leave I just might write a blog that declares that when you swung by it was a “rash” of alumni that stopped by. And you will remember this blog and that when I use the word “rash” that I mean it in the most affectionate way (uh, like a rash of lovable puppies, or a rash of … um … er … rainbow sprinkles on ice cream).

Enjoying Jesus (and enjoying the sound of the word “rash” at the same time),

-Eric Ludy