As Christians there are a lot of things that we simply should be the best at in the whole entire world. For instance, the world should not be able to touch us when it comes to things like sheer happiness, joy, love, forgiveness, and peace. Those are territories that we as Christians should own seeing as we have access to supernatural capabilities in those departments. But, those aren’t the only attributes in which we have amazing potential to triumph. As this particular Bravehearted Thot video enunciates, we also have the power, in Christ Jesus, to die in a manner that causes the heavens to stand up and cheer. This “dying power” comes as part of the grand Gospel package. He gives us the power to live, and, He also delivers to us the power to lay down our lives for His glory, for His fame, and His renown. 

If you haven’t yet watched the video above, it’s well worth viewing! 

He’s worthy of our lives!

Eric Ludy