Now there are two ways that you could read the title above.

The first is “Crazy Eric Ludy” is doing something crazy-stupid. The second is, “You won’t believe this, but Eric Ludy is crazy enough to take the bait and actually respond to Joshua Harris.” Either way I think the conclusion is the same. 

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I know many of us have been impacted by the recent Joshua Harris meltdown. I’ve always considered Josh a friend, and after working on a similar stage as him for many years, this has struck me with a myriad of different emotions — most of which have been difficult to swallow and process through.

I was preparing to launch a new blog on on fatherhood when all of this unfolded. I can tell you honestly that this isn’t what I expected to be addressing on my new blog. But as a father, I feel strongly that I need to say something, even if I be deemed crazy for doing it. 

God-willing, I will be releasing a five-part blog series at
throughout this week. (Go here to read Part One of the blog). I have two strong desires in doing this: 1) to respond to this matter with humility and with love, and 2) to lift high the Name of Jesus and defend my Lord’s precious Truth. 

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I’ve already accepted the fact that no matter how I handle this, I will be deemed wrong by a good many people. And I’m okay with that. This is a matter of spiritual obedience for me and not a matter of impressing the popular crowd. 

Social Correctness is currently standing like an armed guard around Joshua Harris. His role in this drama is the culturally hip and debonaire communicator, while I’ve accepted the role of the overalls-wearing, buck-toothed uncle that hasn’t taken a bath for a few months. 

Who is dumb enough to play that part, you ask? 

Well, now you have your answer. It’s “Crazy Eric Ludy”!

As Christians, sometimes the path we are asked to walk is a thorny one. It is my turn to begin such a journey. 

Please pray for me!

For the Kingdom and the King’s Glory,

crazy Eric Ludy

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