More and more in the Church today, we are seeing the formation of two varieties of Christians. There are those who profess to be followers of Christ, but are actually following the lead of the “socially correct” crowd. And then there are those who are ready to give everything for the One who gave everything for them.

Which variety of Christian are you?

If you are a Christian who isn’t satisfied with mediocrity and compromise, if you are ready to become (joyfully) serious about Jesus Christ — Ellerslie was built just for you. We are ready to help build you spiritually strong for such a time as this.

We are currently in a time when several well-known Christians are renouncing their faith and taking thousands along with them. There is a staggering need for serious Christians in this hour, and because of this, we want to do whatever we can to make it possible for you to be discipled. So if you long to come to Ellerslie but have practical or financial obstacles standing in your way, I invite you to contact our registrar’s office to discuss how we can help you get to Colorado this fall.

Here’s an overview of the ways you can experience our Discipleship Programs this fall:

Program #1: Ellerslie’s Weeklong Intensive — one week of concentrated truth injected into your spiritual bloodstream. It’s powerful and potent and comes with 90 additional days of online training! Can you say “convenient?”

Program #2: Ellerslie’s 5-Week Classic Semester — five weeks of pure Heaven on the Ellerslie Campus this fall. It’s our flagship training program where you’ll build lifelong relationships with like-minded believers, experience powerful Gospel-thundered teaching every single day, learn the art of wrestling prayer, and have daily personal interaction with your instructors. Plus, enjoy bonus online training and continued mentoring after you transition home!

Program #3: Ellerslie’s 5-Week Advanced Semester — perfect for Ellerslie alumni who desire to cultivate devotional excellence that doesn’t wane with the passing of time. Spiritual longevity is becoming extinct these days and now, more than ever, Christians need to be equipped to go the distance in loving Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Program #4: Ellerslie’s 3-Week Beta-Version Practicum Program — we’re looking for some fun-loving and truth-adoring students who desire to join us for a bonus 3-week program after signing up for one of our fall program packages. This program focuses on equipping you for ministry readiness. Learn more about this one-time opportunity here.

We would count it a privilege to invest in your spiritual life and ground you in Truth. Let us know how we can help serve you toward this end.

With great expectations,