Anyone who has gone through a semester on the Ellerslie campus knows the message inside this video, and they know it intimately. Historically known in the Church as “The Identification Doctrines,” this series of spiritual realities, which are unlocked by recognizing our position IN Christ by faith, are, inarguably, what I personally would consider the most powerful, most important, and most life-changing practical Truths any Christian could ever grasp.

I repeat these Truths to my soul daily. Some people chew gum, I chew on the Identification Doctrines. But, unlike gum, these Truths never lose their flavor. In fact, the more I chew on them the more flavorful they become to me.

Here’s a sample meditation that goes through the heart and mind of Eric Ludy daily, often, multiple times over:   

I, Eric Ludy, am IN Christ. Therefore, when He went to the Cross, I went to the Cross. When He died, Old Eric died. When He was buried, Old Eric was buried. When He resurrected, I, too, was raised to newness of Life IN Christ Jesus. When He ascended to the right hand of the Father, I, too, ascended and entered into the Throne Room of Grace and was seated in heavenly places IN Christ. And if all things are under His feet, then, as His Body, I recognize that I have authority over all things. For, I am a believer in Jesus Christ — bought by His blood, redeemed by His working, and now empowered by His Grace to showcase His grandeur and glory in this earth.  Amen!

Praising our Almighty God for His astonishing triumph!

-Eric Ludy