Difficulty. For most of us it’s a 10-letter dirty word.

Most North Americans spend a good deal of their lives, their fortunes, and their talents seeking to avoid “difficulty.”

Christians are supposed to be different. As Christians, to us, difficulty is one of the most precious commodities in this life here on earth. It’s like a goose that lays golden eggs. For out of difficulty flows endless amounts of grace, power, and strength from the heavenly realms. If you ever found such a goose, you wouldn’t want to get rid of it, would you? You would rejoice in such a producer of spiritual wealth!

For lack of a more pleasant smelling metaphor, difficulty is sort of like manure. A fashion designer, for instance, seeks to avoid manure. After all, manure is wholly unpleasant to their trade. But a flower gardener, on the other hand, will pay big bucks to acquire manure. Whereas, the fashion designer sees manure as a problem, a hiccup, an inconvenience, and a stress – the gardener sees it as fertilizer, a blessing, a gift, and a catalyst to greater life.

We as Christians are blessed with difficulties. It’s like a free deluxe membership to the best workout facility in town. The Difficulty Fitness Center builds soul muscle, establishes unshakable character, purifies motives, and builds faith and love into the very center of a man or woman of God.

God has given me a love and appreciation for difficulty. Like you, I find myself naturally steering clear of its “manure-y” odor – but, the spiritual flower gardener in me is attracted to it’s amazing fertilizing qualities, and even willing to endure its rather odious attributes in order to take advantage of its heavenly benefits.

Here’s to a fifty pound bag of Difficulty dumped right on your doorstep,

-Eric Ludy