You may have missed the excitement from last Friday, but going into the weekend we announced that we were giving away 3 full-ride scholarships to our next Bravehearted Personal Discipleship program which is set to begin on September 22nd of this year. As a result, over the past couple days, we have been unburying ourselves from the mountain of responses in order to determine the winners. When something is free, people become very VERY interested.

We did this same thing for our 5-week training program over the summer and it proved to be a really enjoyable project for our team. People responded from, literally, all over the world. And it’s been heartening to read the many essays that accompany the applications and to hear the real passion for Truth that still reverberates the world over.

People are wanting to know if giving out full-ride scholarships every semester is now the new normal. To be honest, we don’t know. But, I can say, we really want it to be the new normal.

If you would like to see who received the full-ride scholarships for this upcoming training, you’ll definitely want to watch the above video.

Isn’t God good?

- Eric Ludy