Dear Friends,

We have a fun secret here at Ellerslie. We’ve tried to keep it under wraps for the past five weeks – ever since we announced that our upcoming summer semester is going to be the last of its kind and that we’ll be doing things, well, a bit differently come fall 2017.

We even hinted that for us “differently” means “very unique, very fun, and equally powerful.” Now you have to admit, that sounds intriguing!

And due to this intrigue that we’ve stirred up, a host of people around the world have been a bit antsy to know what our fun secret is. They all want to know what are we planning on doing differently come this fall.

We could make you all wait until May 6th when we officially announce our new model. But, because we love you all and don’t wish to unduly cause you any mental strain, we figured that maybe a few hints would help make these upcoming weeks more psychologically bearable.

So, to scratch the curiosity itch that quite a few of you seem to have, I am happy to announce that this email contains our first official hints!

NOTE: If you have been through Ellerslie you know that the Ellerslie staff loves to have fun secrets and loves to give obscure hints to their students about upcoming events. So consider this a foretaste of a semester at Ellerslie.

Hint #1

Fact: We have noticed that a large majority of people who want to come to Ellerslie are unable to, primarily because of two key factors: 1) The financial demand is often too high, and 2) The twelve weeks away from their job is, practically speaking, too long of a commitment.

Hint: We are building a model of training that helps to more effectively reach this large majority who would be unable to come to our campus for twelve full weeks. Of course we are thrilled with the 1,600 alumni who have graced our campus these past seven years.  But we want even more people to experience the life-changing discipleship that is offered here.

Hint #2

Fact: Technology has opened up opportunities for human interconnection that, prior to this past year, have been unavailable to the human race. Opportunities exist right now that allow for Christians in different parts of the world to walk through a discipleship process both individually and together. It’s truly amazing!

Hint: Ellerslie is in a unique position to take advantage of this technology and to invite you to join us in doing so. But don’t worry – we aren’t planning to become so high-tech that we lose all face-to-face interaction with the people we disciple. Rather, it will be a unique blend of both!


See? Don’t you feel a lot better now? With hints as big as those, who needs full disclosure?

Meanwhile, just know, the leadership of Ellerslie is extremely excited about both our final semester this summer and our new model coming this fall. If it gives you any indication as to how difficult it is for us as leaders to transition out of our classic model of training, Leslie and I are seriously considering sending our son Hudson to the final semester this summer.

It’s going to be a bittersweet farewell when we transition out of the old and into the new. However, just as going from singleness to marriage is a big step and in the process certain benefits are forfeited, the gain in taking the next step forward far outweighs the first season of privilege.

Let’s take this world for Jesus Christ!