Many of you remember some of the early videos that came out of our ministry. Remember Depraved Indifference in November of 2010? Or how about The Gospel which made a huge splash when it debuted in April of 2011?

In addition to these film-styled videos, I’m hoping that some of you remember our simple-styled videos known as Bravehearted Thots. Do you remember A Call to Anguish? Or how about The Ancient War Cry? Over these past five years, our media team has continued to produce the audio backdrops for these powerful Thots, but we have been undecided as to our release method. Steve Rosen, the talented musical artist, has scored 20 more of these Thots over these past five years. And out of those 20, only three of these have been released to date (He IsThe Rack of Glory, and The Lineage of Majesty). You know what that means? That means there are still 17 Bravehearted Thots for us to still release.

We decided that Ellerslie’s 1st Annual Christmas Kickstart would be the ideal launch pad for these super-powerful media pieces. So, over these next 28 days, we will be releasing 14 of these 17 Bravehearted Thots. (Note: The 3 remaining are set to be released in a bit more of a dramatic fashion in mid-2018!) And along with these 14 Bravehearted Thots, we also will be including 4 really fun video productions involving the Ludy kids! So, if you add the 14 Braveheated Thots to the 4 Ludy Kiddo videos (and then add in the Announcement Video to our Christmas Kickstart), you have a whopping 19 really fun new videos being released in this next month. In case you missed the email, here are the released dates below:

Wednesday, November 15 – The 1st Annual Kickstart Announcement!
Thursday, November 16 – Immovable (part 1 of 3) - the first of our new collection of Bravehearted-Thot-Style video!
Friday, November 17 – Dying Well (part 2 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Monday, November 20 – The Impossible Life (part 3 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Tuesday, November 21 – The Man (an adorable and meaningful Ludy Kiddo production)
Wednesday, November 22 – The Grand Re-Introduction (part 1 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Thursday, November 23 – The Enabling Power (part 2 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Friday, November 24 – The Manifold Wonder (part 3 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Monday, November 27 – What is the Bible? (a fun and powerful Ludy Kiddo production) 
Tuesday, November 28 – The Anatomy of Faith (part 1 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Wednesday, November 29 – The Action of Faith (part 2 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Thursday, November 30 – The Victory of Faith (part 3 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Friday, December 1 – Eric Ludy Interviews Shirley Temple (a Ludy Kiddo special)
Monday, December 4 – In Christ (part 1 of 2 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Tuesday, December 5 – Astonishing Triumph (part 2 of 2 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Wednesday, December 6 – Eric Ludy Interviews Mr. Yummy Burrito (a Ludy Kiddo special)
Thursday, December 7 – Two Churches (part 1 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Friday, December 8 – Fools for Christ (part 2 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)
Monday, December 11 – Relentless (part 3 of 3 – a Bravehearted Thot video)

It’s okay to get excited!

Eric Ludy