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If you knew an amazing marriage was possible, what would you be willing to do to start preparing for it now? In their new course Becoming Marriage Ready, Eric and Leslie Ludy hand out the relationship tools that you need to build a lifelong love story that can stand the test of time and thrive during the trials of life.


  • + Singles who want to begin preparing now for an incredible marriage
  • + Dating couples who desire to gain a vision for a godly love story and build their relationship to that end
  • + Married couples who need a fresh vision and practical ideas to make their marriage great
  • + Anyone who longs for practical ideas on what you can do now to sow the seeds for a breathtaking and God-honoring romance


For more than two decades, bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy have traveled all over the world speaking on godly romance and marriage readiness. They have written more than a dozen books on the subject, including the well-known classic When God Writes Your Love Story, and have a passion to see this generation develop romantic, biblical, amazing marriages that honor God and declare His glory.


In this online course, the Ludys distill their life’s work on romance down into a simple outline for victory. They lay out the map for reaching marriage success and point to the key relationship tools required to find wedded bliss.

With three hours of in-depth and practical training, this online course is full of both humor and wisdom, delivering a Christ-centered approach to a topic that will warm your heart and inspire you to rise up and go after an amazing marriage.


  • Introduction: What does it mean to be ready?
  • Make Christ Your First Love – The Foundation for True Success
  • Practical Proving Ground #1 – Honor
  • Practical Proving Ground #2 – A Clean and Orderly Life
  • Practical Proving Ground #3 – Sleep
  • Ask a Different Question – What it Means to Give Instead of Take
  • Practical Proving Ground #4 – Eliminate the Gross Habits
  • Practical Proving Ground #5 – The Manners of Heaven
  • Practical Proving Ground #6 – Discipline
  • Cultivate Tensile Strength – Using Daily Challenges to Grow and Mature
  • Practical Proving Ground #7 – Money
  • Practical Proving Ground #8 – The Watching Eyes
  • Practical Proving Ground #9 – Your Royal Family
  • Choose Truth Over Emotion – The Key to Healthy Communication
  • Practical Proving Ground #10 – Sacrifice
  • Practical Proving Ground #11 – Purity
  • Practical Proving Ground #12 – Anger
  • Entrust your Marriage Dreams to God
  • Practical Proving Ground #13 – God’s Leading
  • Practical Proving Ground #14 – Service Skills
  • Practical Proving Ground #15 – Eat Your Veggies



Course Notebook:

Download a printable PDF notebook with notes for each lesson.

Two Bonus Videos:

1. Testing a Man’s True Character (with Leslie)
2. What Makes for a Marriageable Man? (with Eric)

A List of 50 Books for Ongoing Growth and Discipleship:

Discover what books shaped Eric and Leslie and what audiobooks they listen to over and over with their family for ongoing growth and discipleship.

It Takes a Gentleman and a Lady (ebook):

Download Eric’s popular book on romance and discover the old-fashioned etiquette to falling in love (in PDF, Mobi, and ePub versions).

When Dreams Come True (Audiobook):

Download the audiobook version of Eric and Leslie’s own amazing love story. Hear how God shaped their lives, brought them together, and catch a vision for what God can do in your life. Read by the authors.

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Q: Can I use this course in a small group?
A: Yes! There is no additional cost to take a group through this online course.

Q: Can I download the lessons?
A: This is an online-only course — unfortunately, no downloads are available for the material.

Q: When is the bonus discipleship semester discount available to be used?
A: After the course closes in mid-December you will be emailed details on how you can use the $75 discount on one of the following trainings: Bravehearted Personal Discipleship (Spring 2019), Ellerslie Classic Training (Summer 2019), Ellerslie Advanced Training (Summer 2019), or Bravehearted Personal Discipleship (Fall 2019). Learn more about the discipleship programs.

Q: What if I discover the course isn’t for me – can I get refund?
A: Yes, we offer a no-questions-asked 100% refund if you choose not to keep the course within 7 days of purchase. Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds for purchases beyond 7 days.

Q: Will this course be available again in the future?
A: Maybe. There is a good chance it might be available sometime next year, but if we release it the price will likely be higher then it is now. And as we continue to develop future online courses, there is a chance we may decide not to re-release this course. If you are interested in this course, we’d recommend purchasing it now.